Key Stage 2

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In key stage 2, we encourage children to discover their individual strengths and be the best that they can be. We encourage all children to work independently and grow as individuals. The children are taught the core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT, as well as Physical Education, Religious Education, Design and Technology, Art, Music, History and Geography. Furthermore we focus on SEAL- Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning, which helps children understand the right way to behave and enables them to choose good behaviour, increase self esteem and helps them to manage difficult situations.and develops life skills, which also encourages children to take more responsibility for their own actions.

Years 3 and 4

In years 3 and 4, children are met with new challenges and are expected to work with greater independence and concentration. We make all aspects of learning fun, creating a vibrant environment for the children to learn in.

The children at St Peter's love to learn and that is created through many different opportunities that they are given. In years 3 and 4 the children take part in several school visits, which aid their learning. For example, when learning about the Ancient Egyptians, they visit Bagshaw Museum in Batley where they are able to see an atmospheric Egyptology gallery, where dramatic lighting effects help to recreate the interior of a tomb. Another example is when learning about the Vikings, the children have visited Danelaw Dark-Age Village, using the atmospheric Viking / Saxon village at Murton Park, near York which offers the children the chance to try out life in the “dark-ages” for themselves.

During time in year 4, the children have the opportunity to experience a residential visit to Cober Hill at Cloughton, Scarborough North Yorkshire. As part of the geography topic, the visit offers a wide range of activities and educational resources, which we believe is invaluable to the children's learning.

Years 5 and 6

As the children move up into Years 5 and 6 we expect them to develop their role and set good examples to the younger children in school. As they are now the oldest, we encourage the children to take on different roles of responsilbity such as, house captains, cloakroom monitors to name a few. They are also encouraged to take part in the school council, electing a chairman, treasurer and secretary.

During the course of Year 5 and 6, the children are given the opportunity to experience many fun activities both in and out of school. As part of our topic work we hold an Aztec day, where children make and then dress up in their creations, ready for our parade in the afternoon! We even have a flavour of Aztec food by tasting the different foods they eat!

The children have taken part in visits to Eden Camp Museum located in Malton to enable them experience the sights, sounds and smells of those dangerous years of the 1930s.

As part of the Topic on Tudors a visit to Oakwell Hall in Birstall is organised, the children and staff arrive at the hall dressed in costume for the period they are learning about. During the day they make and learn about the different crafts used in the Tudor period. Whilst at the hall the some of the children are given the task of helping to prepare a banquet, which all the children then enjoy.

When the children are in year 6, their final year, the children have the opportunity to visit Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales where they take part in a residential, staying at the Youth Hostel. Whilst there, they get the experience of caving, rock climbing, abseiling and problem solving. This is a great way to prepare the children for the high school, encouraging independence.


The children have access to two dedicated computer suites, including laptops for use in the suite or classroom. The school also provides Netbooks and ipads giving children access to new technologies with the use of learning applications such as Mathletics as the name suggests is an application on Maths and Lexia designed to improve reading.

In addition to this, the children have the use of further computers in the library and each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and laptop.

So as to make sure all our computers and software are up and running at all times, we have the availability of an ICT technician giving support to the school.